GUILT by Amanda Robson, T.B.R 19th April 2018

GUILT is a dark, psychological thriller packed with shocking twists and tension that doesn't let up until the very last page. Told through the eyes of twin sisters, Miranda and Zara, as well as Zara's boyfriend, Sebastian, the narration cleverly switches between first and third person to tell two stories simultaneously.

Suspense is built up as the past of the characters is slowly unveiled, while in the present, one of the sisters is arrested for killing her twin. The characters are unique and well rounded, but also very damaged, and the real strength of this novel is Robson's ability to show the effects of their trauma so authentically on the page. With themes of rape, self-harm, suicide and murder, the novel is a gritty exploration of the darker side of human nature, perfectly suited to today's crime thriller market.

With elements of police procedural and courtroom drama woven together with a dark domestic tragedy, GUILT is not to be missed for those of a less squeamish nature.

I would like to thank the author for an early copy of the book.