MY HUSBAND'S LIES by Caroline England

My Husband’s Lies by Caroline England begins with a shocking suicide attempt and the tension never lets up, layering complex family dramas upon abusive pasts and revealing just enough information each time to keep the reader wanting more. I was hooked from the very first page and the growing suspense throughout the novel made it impossible to put down.

The action focuses on four couples whose friendship is threatened by the secrets they’re hiding. England’s writing style is superbly engaging and she delves deep into the minds of her characters, giving readers a chilling insight into what motivates them. The further you get through the novel, the more you understand that the title could refer to any of the female characters, whose husbands are all concealing something, whether it be their preconceptions, affairs or childhood traumas.

Despite the large cast of characters, all eight protagonists are extremely well-drawn and it is testament to England’s talent that I found myself sympathising with people who had committed terrible crimes and betrayed their partners several times over.

A gripping psychological drama, My Husband’s Lies is full of jaw-dropping twists that will leave readers reeling.