ONE MORE CHANCE by Lucy Ayrton

One More Chance by Lucy Ayrton is a stirring tale of love and sacrifice that kept me enthralled until the very last page.

Dani has been in and out of prison since she was nineteen, estranged from her family and absent from her toddler’s life. Despite the horrors of her past, she has a wonderful sense of humour and her journey towards a better life outside prison is extremely moving. The other characters are all unique and my feelings towards Martha and Chris changed over the course of the novel, as I learned more about their pasts and motivations.

The greatest strength of this book is Lucy Ayrton’s poetic writing style. It may be set in the tough, volatile environment of a womens’ prison, but One More Chance is never depressing. Instead, it uses its characters to create a life affirming, positive story of hope, that I think will resonate with readers long after they’ve closed the book.