THE GOOD DOCTOR OF WARSAW by Elizabeth Gifford

THE GOOD DOCTOR OF WARSAW by Elizabeth Gifford is a truly unique story of human suffering and courage in the face of adversity.

Based on the true account of survivors of the Warsaw ghetto, the novel switches between viewpoints to tell the story of Doctor Korczak's orphanage from the perspective of volunteers who worked there and the famous doctor himself.

Tension builds as the war escalates and the ghetto becomes increasingly isolated, but the generosity of the doctor never fails. His intelligence, kindness and understanding are memorialised in this fantastic tribute to his life and work.

Gifford's writing style is infused with emotion and the struggles of the characters to keep the orphans alive are vividly and heartbreakingly brought to life on the page. Even more moving are the final chapters, which brought tears to my eyes as the surviving characters attempt to build new lives after tragedy.

If you're looking for a realistic, grounded yet highly emotive take on Jewish resistance to the Nazis, THE GOOD DOCTOR OF WARSAW is most definitely for you.